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This group is unlike any other, in that we take the time to tell you why your submission has been declined, often in as much detail as we can muster. We try to be as inclusive and unpretentious as we can, we want to encourage and support beginner photographers on dA.

This group is a wonderful learning experience. If you love photography for it's own sake and want to improve your skill, this is the group for you!

There are six very simple things to know:

:bulletgreen: We do not accept photo-manipulations. That's not to say all photos that have the word "Photoshop" in the metadata are automatically rejected! Everyone touches up their work a little, it's the painfully obvious edits that we try to weed out - edits which put a cos-player into a still from a video game or the person hovering in the air firing lightning bolts out of their hands that we don't permit. It should be pretty clear what we allow by just browsing through the group galleries.
Also, please remember that photography with text added in will likely be declined. (not including your signature/stamp of course)

:bulletblue: Although we don't expect your submissions to be complete photographic masterpieces(although they are welcome too), we do have basic criteria by which to judge them. Your submitted photograph should show evidence that you have thought carefully about such things as composition, focus, lighting, and depth of field. In other words: Your submissions won't be snapshots, and you have put in the effort to produce a photograph to be proud of.

:bulletred: Please pay attention to the gallery you're submitting to! We have a wide variety of folders with clear titles for all sorts of photography; some shots can easily fit in to more than one gallery so keep in mind what the focus of the photograph is when you're submitting.

:bulletyellow: Members can submit up to 2 deviations per week. Please note that only photographs will be accepted, anything else will be automatically declined.
Submissions are then reviewed by the Admin Team to decide if they should be included in the gallery. Please be aware that their decisions are final, any rejected photographs will not be accepted a second time.

:bulletpurple: Please note that we do not accept any submissions to the "Featured" folder. Submit your work to an appropriate gallery folder and if the admin team comes across a photograph showcasing exceptional skill, capturing emotion in a spectacular way or one with an amazing story behind it, we will move it there ourselves.

:bulletblack: Artistic Nude - For those adult deviants who prefer the maturity filter 'off', we have a collection of artistic nudes, which are firmly judged based on their artistic merit, as well as technical quality, composition, and other aspects that make up our gallery standards. Explicit sexuality will not be accepted.

:bulletpink: A sneaky 7th simple thing to know - We have banned the dA watermark months and months ago. Any acceptable submissions with the dA watermark attached, cannot be accepted until the dA watermark is removed. In doing this, we also ban any large watermarks/signatures that may be present on a submission - as that is the point of banning the dA watermark. To read the journal covering this topic, go here -> casualphotography.deviantart.c…

We typically do not collect macabre photography.

Happy snapping! :peace:=)

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Hi everyone :)

Just so you all know, if your submission expired - we are not ignoring you! There has been a huge influx of submissions the past few months and we did not, nor have not, enough admins to deal with the flood. Sometimes I will go through expired submission and resubmit them myself, which bypasses the voting process, putting the deviation directly into our gallery after YOU approve it. I will only do this to photographs that pass our gallery and submission standards.
If your submission expires, please leave a comment ON THE SUBMISSION page, where we can address it directly.

If we decline a submission, it is a rule that our admins must tell you why they declined it. If, for any reason, your picture was declined without a short critique, something either went wrong with the voting process or one of the admins isn't doing their job. Either way, please comment on the expired submission. Posting on our front page won't help anyone, it needs to be on your (expired) submission.

I did some cleaning up of the Admin team, demoting admins who haven't voted in 5+ months back to members (after notifying them), leaving gaps in our Admin team. These gaps need to be filled!
If you think you have what it takes to be part of the CasualPhotography team, then read on.

As an Admin, you get to:

~ Vote on pictures people send in (submissions)
~ Have a say in what happens here
~ Be in on all our cool admin-y secrets
~ Assist us in bettering the group, posting journals, coming up with the years best of's etc

You will be expected to:

~ Be friendly & supportive
~ Vote on photography objectively and intelligently, following our guidelines
~ Communicate with the members (give polite and helpful reasons why you are voting 'no' on their photographs, and answer questions)
~ Be active!
~ Know basic photography terminology and be able to critique submissions
~ Be willing to learn!

If you want to become part our team, after having perused the above information, then please lease a comment on this Journal - Tell us in a couple short sentences why you would be good for the job. Also list any groups you are currently in Admin of (which includes contributor), and how much experience you have with the groups.
The more info you give us the better, so it's completely up to you, and how far you're willing to go.

Any other questions, just fire away, below, we will endeavor to answer them as best we can.
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boogster11 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
The statement on your home page ''we especially try to encourage and support beginner photographers'' sounds nice,  but then  in your comments you state  that submissions expire partly do to their questionable quality.  This kind of judgement by aversion does more to discourage than encourage.
a-Arietis Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015
Noted =)
I'll look at changing the wording a bit, that doesn't sound how we want it to.
boogster11 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
OK :D (Big Grin) 
Kattaphotography Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
With questionable quality we mean we are sceptic about phone shots, as they are most of the time way to grainy or pixelish. 
We do try to encourage and if you don't feel that way we are really sorry. But as my colleague said, we have a lot of work and try to look at every separate shot with as much attention as possible.
boogster11 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the reply, hope you find the help for your admin.
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